Blog Post #9 Oregon Ducks

For this blog posts we as students of West Virginia Wesleyan needed to Revisit our assignment on the Oregon Ducks where we described how successful they have been over the years and hope to continue.

The Oregon Ducks are a great program and really have a plan for what they want to accomplish which is to win championships. People tend to forget why these teams are Division I and student want to pursue a dream at these schools. When you are able to market yourself in such a way that it is nothing but positive and about success it seams to translate onto the “battle field of sport”.

When you have a sponsor like Nike. Inc you really have to think about why this program sought out this company. For one it was location nearby but the other is the aspect of competition and teaming up with people who are going to help you reach your highest aspirations.


Blog post #10 Final Blog post

Throughout the course of Sports Marketing this semester we as a class have learned how competitive the sports business side of sports organizations can be. Professor Conrad has really helped use better understand that we need to be prepared to compete with other organizations in nearly every aspect of the sport to be successful.

5 Takeaways that I believe I can use in my professional career are:

  • Know the Market that you are selling too.
  • Have a good relationship with community and surrounding sponsors.
  • Social Media is the new way of communication when it comes to sports.
  • The way you market yourself really displays what kind of program you have.
  • Have good communication with business leaders and know what sells to your customers and what doesn’t.

I have enjoyed learning about Sports Marketing this semester and I know it will help me succeed in the future in my career in Sports Business.



Blog Post #7 Sports Marketing

Look at the sponsorships/partnerships of one of your favorite professional teams. Describe what they are doing in the name of goodwill. Find articles from professional sport writers discussing one of the sponsorships/partnerships.

For this Blog post for sports marketing we had to research some information on our favorite professional team and describe what they are doing in regards to goodwill. Many professional organizations are involved in giving back but here is a few things that do come first like sponsorship and partnerships. The team that I researched was the New York Yankees.

I also know a good amount about their sponsorships and partnerships. The Yankees are a large market team which simply means that they have as much money or a lot more money  than most of your larger market clubs. Being so they can put together a lineup for 162 games a year that will win ball games so they can make the playoffs they have to find every way possible to make money.

It first starts off with ticket sales. As long as you can sell out all 80-90 home games each year you will make money and that goes from your season ticket holders all they way to your opening day or fourth of July day with firework show ticket buyers. You also have to sign contracts with companies where you put their name somewhere or let them sponsor some sort of event and in return you get money.

The Yankees along with every other team is sponsored by Majestic , which is the official jersey sponsor of the MLB. Their larger sponsors allow for there to be a booth in box seats that are fully covered and catered the professional way. Allows for the Yankees to build and new stadium and out attractions all throughout.

The Yankees have so many players that give back to the community by starting there own organization. Derek Jeter is a prime example to me because he has founded the Turn 2 foundation to help under privileged kids get the knowledge and attention they need.

It is all about who you know when it comes to business and if you have the right people in your corner supporting you and helping you build partnership then you will be very successful and one day be like the NYY.

Blog Post #5 Sports Marketing

After watching the video, Sport Marketing with Millennials (AMA Milwaukee Bucks), briefly summarize the videos and describe at least two (2) takeaways you got from the discussion that could be used at a DII school such as WVWC.

To briefly summarize the videos and describe what was shown is the background and successful changes that an organization can make to improve there team structure. The Bucks do a great job of marketing their new superstars Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokumpo. Rookie Sensations that attract fans as a since of rebirth/rebuilding of an unsuccessful organization.  Milwakee has not had a successful past but they are in the process of coming into the new age of technology and what it takes to be successful in the Sports “Entertainment” Business.

Two takeaways you got from the discussion that could be used at a DII school such as WVWC would be that we need to do a better job of recruiting. We shouldn’t just recruit based on talent or numbers,  but we should base it on how they would fit in with our program and ask the question… Will they be a star and succeed here??

Another takeaway from this discussion was that we need to do a better job of marketing our teams a Wesleyan to give them more recognition and sharing of important games coming up and events that will bring a lot of fans to attend to increase fan engagement.